• Software development
  • Project management
  • Team training

We solve software problems.

If you suffer from software headaches, you're not alone.

So many things can derail your project - from rushed design and software bugs, to unforeseen issues and briefing U-turns. As your dealines shrink and your costs spiral, the consequences can be serious.

extremely knowledgeable... an invaluable source of Microsoft expertise

Business IT Solutions Ltd

  • Why Sandler?

  • Developing top-quality software on the .NET framework and SQL server
  • Troubleshooting software problems
  • Software testing
  • Efficient project management
  • Educating your team in the latest technologies .NET training and .NET mentoring
  • Implementing best practice
  • Is this you?

  • Companies who are developing software based on the Microsoft platform, either for in-house use or for external client projects.
  • Digital media agencies who need help developing web services and websites for their clients.
  • Recruitment agencies whose clients want an exceptional .NET developer candidate.
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